Stop Think Breathe Act

Simple path to improve your publishing business

Achieving  Big Scary Goals don’t come easily. They are very seldom achieved by making One big change. There is no one single Silver Bullet.

They are achieved by a change of approach. By a methodical change in attitude and many small and deliberate daily actions. By creating new rituals and good habits.

It all Starts with:


You need to stop and take stock before charging ahead. Make an active decision to STOP! Don’t panic, just stop adding technology to your stack for a moment!


We are unable to think when distressed. We need to clear some time and focus on the plan ahead. Create a team and give them space and empowerment. Analyse the “NOW”.


Now for the fun part. We will guide you through a process of thinking creatively about your technology stack. First we outline different options and alternatives, modelling scenarios and possibilities, then apply a process of evaluating, ranking and culling ideas. From this, a strategic hypothesis and vision can then be established. From these findings, we can create tests and use cases to validate the effectiveness of the custom solution.


This is the hard part. …But also the part that generates results. We implement the tests, evaluate the results, then tweak and refine. Watch and grow.

Set and achieve your BSG’s by tailoring processes and creating good habits.

The only thing standing between you & your goals is the gibberish fairy tale story you keep telling yourself!

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